Friday, 13 March 2009

Working with the Installer

I wanted to test a function of the installer. So I went to the and ran the "update_self" functionality. This broke the installer. So I deleted the installer directory and installed the installer again from the documentation.

This worked fine. To my delight I got the following welcome message:

=== Wikiation installer (v. 48376) ===

(last known safe version: 48307)
Interactive mode. Automated testing is disabled.

please type a command and hit enter
help for help
^D, or quit to quit

So there is now the latest version or the latest safe version. Now I have to learn how to install the revision that I want to test because that needs to end up in the documentation.

1 comment:

GerardM said...

"update_self 48307" will install revision 48307 for you.

This software is not yet housebroken. We will do some more sanity testing.