Tuesday, 24 March 2009

When less is more

When I enter the command ls revisions.mediawiki: I get a long list of revisions. They are in lifo format and it is a long list. When I enter this commond from within the Wikiation Installer in PuTTY, the list has a length that is too much for the PuTTY buffer. It is possible to limit the output by adding "limit 20". This works fine.

When you run the command from Bash, like this: ./installer.py ls revisions.mediawiki: it is possible to add command separated with a pipe. I tried the less and this worked fine for me. That is until I learned that I could break the pipe by pressing the "q" to quit, that gave a traceback.

The good news is that we can inform you what revisions for MediaWiki are available. It is possible to limit the number of most recent revisions, it is even possible to use bash for this and the pipe will get some more plumming.

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