Monday, 23 March 2009

Proof of the pudding

One of the objectives of the Wikiation Extension Testing Environment is to have the ability to test the functionality of a specific configuration. A prerequisite is the ability to built an environment that has the same configuration.One of the missing components was the ability to install a specific revision of MediaWiki itself. The screen shot demonstrates our new ability to do this.

The way we install our extensions is different from doing it manually. We expect to be able to install and uninstall extensions and consequently each extension needs to be in its own directory. For the Cite and the Special:Cite extension it meant that they are split in seperate directories. They install successfully and do not break MediaWiki so we assume that this is fine.

At this moment we assume that things are fine when the system installs and when we can save a page. Running tests will be our goal once we can reliably build our testing environment.

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