Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Wikiation extension testing environment is getting ready for business

The Wikiation extension testing environment has been made available in the WMF SVN.This is good news because more people can see what we are actually doing and what we already achieved.

At FOSDEM we demonstrated the environment to Brion. We promised him that an environment would be made available for testing. The environment has now been made available to him at It is a virtual server where MediaWiki and extensions to MediaWiki can be installed and tested.

The objective of the environment is to have a way to determine if an extension works well on a specific platform. and in combination with a specific MediaWiki release. It is not been clear at all what extension works well with what stable release of MediaWiki.

In order to be able to test, we have to be able to install MediaWiki and its extensions. We are getting good at installing MediaWiki. We are now working on getting better at installing extensions. We need a generic script for the installation of extensions, then we need to be able to install a particular version from a particular branch and then we also want to be able to install a "stable" version.

Our idea of a stable version is that it does not crash MediaWiki and that it passes the tests we have for the extension and the system. This means that when an extension does nothing, it is acceptable ...  Now as I understand it, it take an agile mind to appreciate why this is a good idea.

When I have time, when I am not blogging, or doing admin, or sleeping, I am also working on documentation. I documented how to install the Wikiation Installer ... I used bash for that. :) who needs documentation, the code makes it obvious :)


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