Thursday, 26 February 2009

258 out of 359 extensions can plausibly be installed with the naive installer

We are developing a test environment for MediaWiki. In order to test MediaWiki and its extensions we have to be able to install them. The "naive extension installer" makes a good faith approach to installing an extension. At this stage we call an installation a success when the install does not break MediaWiki.

NB We have installed the latest version of an extension on the latest version of MediaWiki at the time of testing.

When 72% of the extension can be plausibly installed, a lesser percentage will still need all kinds of things done before it is functional. All kind of other things may need to be addressed like configurations and what not. We already support the Configure extension for that ...

In all this info glut about installing extensions there is one other really important point: this is the first automated test of all extensions. This is the very start were we start to inform you with test results.

PS Is _your_ extension part of the 258 installable ones ???

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GerardM said...

The test it turns out was run on REL1_13_1 or MediaWiki.. So in essence it is likely that the results would be even better when they were run with the "latest" release.

PS the link also informs you about the extensions that passed or failed.