Friday, 24 April 2009

Demoing the Wikiation Extension Testing Environment

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting the extension testing environment to people of the Wikipedia Usability Initiative (UI). It was a pleasure because many of the requirements for the UI can be met by our environment.

What we discussed and/or demoed:
  • the motives for the Wikiation Extension Testing Environment
  • testing on different operating systems and (LAMP) configurations
  • the need for the creation and duplication of test environments
  • the need for testing environments with different configurations for instance with and without flagged revisions
  • the installation of extensions and its problems
  • the ability to script tests and installations in bash or in python
  • why integrating Selenium makes sense (remote control and grid)
  • we demoed the installation of an en.wikipedia lookalike and talked about the need for both internal and external testing
  • the need for sharing the test cases as widely as possible
What I liked in this conversation was the priviledge of having a look into the "UI kitchen", I got the impression that the Wikipedia Usability Initiative is progressing nicely.

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Tgr said...

Sounds cool. The jQuery people are developing a framework for distributed testing of javascript functionality, maybe it might be of interest: