Wednesday, 17 December 2008

You can bank on it, together you do not need to invest as much

The Stanton project for MediaWiki usability will start in a few weeks. This does not mean that nothing is happening. Today I learned that a bank has spend considerable effort in introducing the UNICEF extensions. One of their programmers has spend considerable effort to improve the software. I have been told that much of this has been fed back to UNICEF. As the programmer is leaving the bank, I was happy to learn that he is allowed to take with him all the code involved.

This programmer does so far not have SVN commit rights. I learned that he is going to work for another company.. Another company interested in implementing the UNICEF extensions.

What this proves to me, is the need for collaboration between all these organisations that develop MediaWiki. It is more effective to work together. Better results can be achieved for the same costs when coordination becomes a priority..

I had a word with Erik.. He told me that MediaWiki already has something like the CreatePage extension in core. It is part of a search result...

What else happens when you click on Uniwiki or what else happens when you click on Create Page..

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