Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Betawiki supports Uniwiki extensions

The Uniwiki extensions were developed by UNICEF. They were developed based on usability studies. Studies that found that that 100% of newbies were not able to create a new article in a MediaWiki environment, studies that help explain why so many of our projects do not grow as we want them to do.

We have been doing some testing, and we have found that this software does not work against the bleeding edge software used by the Wikimedia Foundation. Siebrand had a look and fixed the localisation, MinuteElection has a look and fixed a bug.

We are currently talking with Kennisnet and we aim to get in contact with UNICEF. We really think it is important to get more usability into MediaWiki this will help the smallest 80% of our projects a lot.

In the meantime, I am really happy to announce that Betawiki now supports the localisation or the 12 Uniwiki extensions. In anticipation of finding support for these extensions, Siebrand has opened up the localisation for these important extensions.


Nick Gogerty said...

can you fix the link Unwiki extensions?

GerardM said...

Given the development of the usability tools by the Wikimedia Foundation the question should be what is it that you want fixing from the Uniwiki extensions.

The second question would be who is going to do it and at what cost.